Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This used to be a really simple task, but it's quite the ordeal in as3, but I figured it out:
View it Here
download fla's

It seems like there should be a way easier way of doing this.

Issues this covers: load movie, tween class, enter frame, target paths, variables
oh by the way, you have to do targets like this now:
MovieClip(this.parent.parent.parent).loadNextMovie(); //tell main timeline to call loadNextMovie function from loaded movie's timeline


tyler said...

you are awesome. thanks for the code

marius said...

I would luv to see an example here

nate said...

You're welcome tyler. Marius, did you click on the "View it Here" link?

Anonymous said...

This is great but then is this possible on a movieclip instead of using a external swf?

Like for example

I have two buttons named buttonOne and buttonTwo. When I click buttonOne, the movie clip named oneMc should play then after that whenever I click buttonTwo, the movieclip oneMc should play outro animation and then movieclip twoMc should play.

Do I need to use the Loader and URLRequest for this one?

Also, how can call the movieclip to play its outro?


Justin said...

I know how to do the outro and intro so easily in AS2 but AS3 put me through a loop thanks for all the help really appreciate it